Building Better Businesses


Stronger Leaders

I work with a select group of ambitious owners and managers to navigate the challenges their businesses face and help them grow as leaders. I help identify blindspots and likely impediments to growth and success.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" or cookie-cutter approach to this work. Instead I take time to understand your challenges and ambitions (both professional and personal). Then we agree an approach to working together that fits your needs and works with your lifestyle.

I operate on the basis of "interest pricing" ie the more I am interested in working with you, the more flexible my pricing will be. Typically I look to pitch it at a similar level to that of a golf or piano lesson or personal trainer.


With over 40 years' experience building and delivering on plans and leading teams to change, grow, and fix business operations I bring perspective, support, coaching and constructive challenge to anyone managing a young business and growing as an entrepreneur, leader and manager of people.

These skills are enriched by insights garnered from working across multiple, organisations (large and small), cultures and continents, as well as competitive short story writing, photography and standup comedy.

What I don't know personally I will most likely be able to access through my extensive professional and personal network.


My Approach

I believe it is beneficial to invest in the start of any relationship. I also think that communication should be as rich as possible so when it is not practical to meet face-to-face I use one of the many video conferencing services to suit my client.

With that in mind I usually take the following approach:

  • Introduction

To make this work we have to be happy working together. This free call, which is typically one hour, is intended for each of us to learn more about each other and how we could work together. At the end we can decide if we want to move further?

  • Discovery

This is a short series of calls, typically two or three, during which I seek to learn more about your business, your personal goals and the aspects you want help with. Understanding your personal goals helps me make what I can offer a better fit. I don't charge for these.

  • Proposition

Based on what I have learnt I will make a proposal to you. This will outline what I believe I can help you with and what I cannot, it will set out what I think is achievable with a timeline, and a suggested form of interaction. I will also outline the cost of our ongoing engagement.

  • Engagement

This is where we do the work. While we will start with a plan, it can flex as circumstances and needs change.  We will schedule a programme of sessions at times that suit us both.

  • Review

It is important that we periodically check that our work together is a) still focused where it is needed and b) productive. This may lead to a change in what we seek to address and/or how we work together.

Ultimately you are the judge of that and you can terminate our work at any point.

If you are interested in learning more, you can book an introductory call below


Current Clients

The challenges faced by founders, owners and others seeking to manage and grow their businesses are often very similar, irrespective of their products or markets. As a result my guidance and advice is broadly applicable.

Examples of the companies I am working with currently are:

  • A company providing innovative funding to creative projects eg film, TV, events, etc

  • A technology company working in digital development

  • An owner with a passion for the world of intellectual property

  • The creator of a new drink with both alcoholic and non-alcohlic versions

  • A fintech startup.

The sort of topics we are addressing are:

  • Effectively communicating their proposition

  • Growing organisational capability

  • Cash management

  • Regulatory obligations

  • Partnerships

  • Building a resilient sales pipeline

  • Funding options